Changes in Web Designing through Grid Tool

Web designing throughout all these years has seen many upheavals and improvements with the websites having a history of more than two decades. Web design has evolved quite rapidly and is still evolving since the first website was published by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 with the table based web design gaining popularity. With the commencement of World Wide Consortium or W3C the standards for the future web design concepts were set. The internet became more interactive with introduction of Flash and JavaScript that allowed animation and special effects to the web design. The next decades saw the emergence of CSS, Frames, PHP, WEB 2.0, Open Source Software, Mobile Web and HTML 5 etc.

But the growth trajectory of web designing is still evolving with the latest being the Grid Tool which is a new website builder. This tool is deeming to emerge as the personal website builder for majority of website designers and developers. The reason for so much hype about this tool is because the Grid is expected to change how one builds their web presence online through a completely automated process. The Grid tool is an example of disruptive innovation that takes the content one provides it and automatically creates a site for the website owner and keeps the website fresh and engaging for viewers
The Grid tool is cloud based that is based on artificial intelligence that reinvents the web design by eliminating the mundane, time consuming parts of web development thereby creating superb websites in a fraction of time for a low cost. The other feature of Grid is that it would automatically crop and color the photos. The Grid is now the first artificial intelligence or AI platform that creates websites. This web designing tool is expected to change up the way by which the industries or businesses would develop their online web presence. The other feature of this tool is that one can do A/B testing on their site that will allow website owner to test subtle variations of their site to see what generates more clicks and leads. The Grid is expected to be launched by late spring in 2015 but as of now the team of Grid through their crowd source funding campaign is offering The Grid founding members for a price on prepaid basis for one year.