Talent Gurus true to its name stands for imbibing “talent” through its comprehensive range of services, solutions that are designed, customized to suit the needs of our esteemed customers, clients with access to a vast resource of professionals working at our modern, secure offshore facilities in Hyderabad, India. The secret of our success lies in our expertise in tailoring our solutions to the client or customer needs, managing risks, and in an engaging team of professional staff members.



Talent Gurus began its journey way back in 2003 when its’ founding company Sai People Solution Inc. moved most of its recruiting, administrative and technical operations to Hyderabad in India. Talent Gurus founding company Sai People Solutions Inc. with its single-minded passion was able to stay competitive with other staffing organizations and as such was successful in recovering from the effects of the IT industry collapse of early 2000s.

Sai Solutions Inc. launched Talent Gurus when it recognized the resourcefulness of the offshore resources and as an organization to provide the resources to other U.S firms looking for ways to reduce costs while staying ahead of the competition. Talent Gurus tasted success by developing, testing and implementing web based recruitment management tool called SaiNex that is now being used by thousands of users worldwide ever since its launch in March 2005.

Over the years, Talent Gurus have mastered the art of improving and extending the customer experience over a range of sectors with our offshore teams having developed Vendor Management System, People View with our team having helped in the market research activities, helping parent company in launching marketing campaigns, and in gaining expertise about current market trends. Talent Gurus has emerged as an independent business unit due to the multitude of successes that our offshore team had accomplished.


Why Talent Gurus?

Save Time..Save Money..

Why should YOU, the Client, pick us from the aggressively competitive melting pot?

  • GLOBAL SERVICE DELIVERY – We truly believe in the concept of a “Global Village”, providing customized outsourcing services 24/7, all over the world without missing a beat, making the world that much smaller.
  • PEOPLE PRACTICES – We grew as a proof of many years of success in building experienced offshore teams, from Virtual Assistants to SEO Analysts to Programmers, who deliver what we promise, at all times.
  • PROCESS EXCELLENCE – We constantly reinvent ourselves, fine-tuning and refining primary underlying processes in every service line making them efficient, flexible and easily adaptable to clients across all industries.
  • TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE – We are home to some of the most innovative solutions successfully implemented by the parent company. This use of the latest technology, particularly gives our small to mid-sized clients an economical edge.
  • ANALYTICAL CAPABILITIES – Our thorough understanding and analysis of your simple as well as complex business needs allows us to implement services better than any others.
  • DOMAIN EXPERTISE – The spheres of services we excel in are the result of years of experience and skill building practices with client testimonials to back them up, not just because we said so.
  • ETHICAL NORMS – We maintain quality in an ever changing environment rooted firmly in our belief of unyielding integrity, providing only services which are relevant to your business.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICES – We offer a myriad of viable, easy to understand, flexible pricing options; hourly, daily, monthly, pay as you go, pay by milestone, use credit card, use invoices. You are in total control to increase your profitability.