Changes in Web Designing through Grid Tool

Web designing throughout all these years has seen many upheavals and improvements with the websites having a history of more than two decades. Web design has evolved quite rapidly and is still evolving since the first website was published by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 with the table based web design gaining popularity. With the commencement of World Wide Consortium or W3C the standards for the future web design concepts were set. The internet became more interactive with introduction of Flash and JavaScript that allowed animation and special effects to the web design. The next decades saw the emergence of CSS, Frames, PHP, WEB 2.0, Open Source Software, Mobile Web and HTML 5 etc.
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Defining virtual assistant services as part of business branding

Virtual assistant services is now among the most sought after business services that is much easier than hiring a full time employees and cheaper than going to a staffing agency. Majority of organizations are outsourcing their office support functions to Virtual Assistant services providers due to their high productivity and saving of time and money. The virtual assistant industry has become so popular that it is helping women to become entrepreneurs in addition to achieving a work/life balance. Virtual assistants as such are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use latest internet technologies to deliver the virtual assistant services to their clients globally. Continue reading Defining virtual assistant services as part of business branding

Growth of ecommerce services hampered by protectionism

The growth of ecommerce is quite phenomenal with being a non-existent entity two decades back, the ecommerce sales stood at $263.3 billion accounting for about 5.6% of total retail sales in the U.S. economy in 2013. The internet technology as such is giving boost to ecommerce by offering limitless opportunities to the retail sector by enabling sellers to collect and process huge data to arrive at the prices and products that satisfy the needs of the consumers and the changing economic conditions. The international ecommerce is expected to be the biggest change in the ecommerce generally going forward within a global ecommerce industry that is set to grow from $1.4 trillion (USD) turnover to $2.3 trillion by 2017.
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Using HTML 5 for responsive web development

Organization with great services and products at their disposal does not guarantee them to run a sustainable business. For achieving the goals and turn businesses into the path of success or profitability enterprises need to invest more time and effort on promoting their products or services in front of their target audience. Promotion of products and services in this age of internet technology needs a modern and elegant website with all its’ internet marketing strategies applied that help them to lead to their potential clients or customers. The best way for developing websites for companies within their budget is through responsive web development and design by using HTML5.
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