The trends that are influencing mobile commerce

The groundbreaking changes in the mobile technological developments have resulted in small and medium sized business enterprises to concentrate on making the mobile commerce their first priority. Studies have revealed that about 32% of all online purchases are made over mobile devices. Industries across sectors are looking for solutions to help them make their mark in the mobile dominated world. The mobile commerce is evolving at a faster pace. The growing number of people using mobiles for their day-to-day monetary or non-monetary transactions feeds it. The smart phones and tablets as innovative devices are offering more convenience and helping people such as procuring their groceries or in conducting their banking transactions without being physically present at stores or bank locations.

The top five web development technologies for businesses

The World Wide Web or internet has opened new avenues of doing businesses for organizations as well as individual entrepreneurs. The building of websites involves web development and designing that reflects an online image of an enterprise or organization. The pace with which internet is emerging as market place for organizations to sell or market their products and services is resulting in the development of new web development and designing methods or technologies within a short span of time. The geographical spaces are never a barrier for buyers and sellers from buying and selling their products/services in this part of the web world.

The cost of investing in SEO services

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is driving the online business market strategy like never before. Therefore, organizations are now keen to make major investments in SEO services to expand their businesses to new frontiers or across the globe. The search engine optimization is considered as the highest Return on Investment or ROI generating digital marketing tool and is still evolving.  However, there is a dilemma among the entrepreneurs or companies regarding the cost of SEO or how much does the SEO cost. There is no exact SEO pricing or cost figure to arrive at as each SEO company or service provider provides quotes that are quite different from each other.

The importance of social media for ecommerce strategy

Ecommerce has emerged as an innovative model of doing business for utilizing the benefits of the online technologies to the hilt. Entrepreneurs and business organizations consisting of large as well as small and medium sized enterprises are competing to have an online presence through the ecommerce platform. More and more businesses are now relying on eCommerce and therefore it is required for the organizations or entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the changes to keep pace with their competitors, or at least to provide their services or products to their prospective clients or customers.